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CHOC Walk Help!

Hello all my loyal LJ friends!

While I'm here watching the Dodgers try and tie up this series against the Philadelphia Phillies, I was hoping to get some help from many of you guys ut in LJ land!

As you know, I'm a very charitable person, but I am looking for a little help here! I'm registered to participate in the 2oo8 CHOC Walk to help raise money for the Children's Hospital of Orange County. It's a great hospital, and it's for a good cause. So, if you'd like to help sponsor me, here is the link to sponsor me! Yay CHOC!

Meanwhile, I've been busy as all heck, as usual. However, I messed up my ankle during Bobbysox rehearsals, so I've been out for the better part of two weeks. So, you may see a pretty sizeable post from me soon. In fact, call it a "Vintage Jason H." post!

For now, I must head off for my Dodgers just took the lead in the 6th inning!

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Funny Hat Day! (aka Leap Day)

So Chuck said that if you post today, you'd be in with the cool crowd. So there. :-p

A quick little update before I head out to see Sarah. (Wow, over half a year already I've been with her)

This week turned into utter crap with unnecessary fire drills and unruly people around my neighourhood. Also, I was supposed to see Sarah on Tuesday, but she became very sick.

The reason for my subject line was that today was funny hat day at school. Naturally, I went in my Steamboat Willie hat, but the winner of the day brought a chicken hat. I think if I had my vintage costume, I would have won. :-p

My highlight of the week, by far, was getting the opportunity to see Gabriel Iglesias at his best during a Comedy Night at Riverside. That guy is pretty fucking hilarious. I've seen much of his stnad-up on Comedy Central and Que Loco, so I was expecting to hear some of his old material. Not one smidgeon of his old bits was present. He was on top of things, had some new material, and was as funny as ever! If you haven't seen him before, YouTube this guy. =)

That's about all for now. I'm off, and I will talk to you guys soon. Don't be strangers, yeah?

Peace, love, and spring training,

PS: One month from today, I'll be checking out that Red Sawx/Dodgers game at the LA Coliseum. I'm already counting down the days. :-p
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MY haul post for Christmas

You know, I'm catching up on how my supporting cast is doing, and I can't help but notice all of what you guys got, so inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend of mine, I decided to make my own haul post and put a little twist on it.... three days late. =)

I only asked for one thing this Christmas, and I got it... and then some.

The only gifts I got that are worth mentioning included those three little words... and you guys know my favourite quote, "Never pass up the chance to tell someone you love them." Well, my girlfriend, Sarah, and I are there. I also got to spend Christmas with the family that I love, and what better gift than that? Nothing else matters, not even the awesome gifts I actually did get. THIS is the best gift of all...

Aw yey. =)

Yea, I kinda love this girl. =)

Oh, this is what I GAVE this year...

...a bevy of gift cards and actual cards for people around here, a couple board games, a CD, "Hairspray" for my mom, a gift card for Rey, the Indiana Jones trilogy for Jacky, and I got particularly creative with Sarah. First, I gave her a red pirates shirt, then I gave her a couple scrubs, one that had Monopoly on it, and the other with Operation on it. She absolutely loved both of them! (There's a story behind the Operation scrubs) Finally, I printed out her favourite picture of us (the one from above at Mission Inn) and had it framed... and now it's on her nightstand in her room. Aw yey! Yes, I really DO put a lot of thought into my gifts. Anyway, so that is MY haul post.

I'm now leaving for Las Vegas for the final time... but I will be making one final post before the new year is up, so have a great weekend, guys!

Peace and love,
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Oh yeah, also also! A couple things coming up.

First off, I'll be trying out for Merv Griffin's Crosswords later this week. Wish me luck!

This last one is important:
This Sunday, September 23rd, I will be performing with the Bobbysox Brigade at the Los Angeles County Fair at 7:30pm at the Building 4 Community stage. Get there early for good seats! Come out and support me, as well as the troupe! It's a fun show. =)

Oh yea, for those of you on my supporting cast, I just did a lot of catching up. =p

Also, thank you so much Sonia! I got your package. =D

-Happy Jason
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Has it been five years already?

Hello, everyone.

I know you're probably thinking that you all are in for another long "Jason H." post...

...but I don't think I can muster it this time.

Today will mark five years since the passing of a very dear friend of ours, Randy.

*moment of silence and prayer*

I know that in years past, I have made long posts about it, but this year, I want to change it up a little bit, since Mister Duncan said that not all posts have to be long... they can be like little bite-sized morsels, too.

I'm going to visit him right now, but what I want you guys to do is very simple.

Please, PLEASE: Reply with a memory or something you want to share about Randy here, I'm sure he would appreciate it. =)

Thank you all.
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My sister, Jacky, and I....




Okay, I need to shower and calm down a little...yeah...



PS: I'll have more on my sudden good luck streak later tonight, or tomorrow!
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I'm sorry...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...'s kinda like that, ya know? There's so much I WANT to say, but I can't. C'est la vie. =/ Oh well, back to the grind I go.....and off to bed now that I'm done with my physiology project...

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Life goes by like a blur... yea, if you've seen my latest post, then you knew how busy I was gonna get. You also probably figured out why I was offline for a couple days. Because if I had been online for more than a few minutes, I would have been distracted. I was online from school, but I was doing homework. :-p So...sorry guys! You guys have been pretty good, though. =)

Wednesday started off well enough with my jazz class, and then home for a break. Then I had my quiz, which turned out slightly better than I had thought!

....and then there was the taping. The drive there was a little long since there was traffic on the way there, and it was raining! D'oh! I knew I forgot to bring umbrella! :p But that was minimal. The show went very smoothly, and I thought I did an excellent job...much better than the last taping. Everyone was on that day, my facial expressions were dead on, my kicks were very well, and I even got a prize. :p Even during our "live commercial," I thought I did a good job rushing things when I saw the people in the back spinning their arm around, motioning that I needed to pick up the pace and end the scene soon. It was quite funny. =D All in all, very good taping...although when I thrown down in the last segment, my glasses kinda got bent, but I bent them back in place, no problem, right? So they were slightly bent, but I got them back, and all was good. Of course, I had to take my glasses off anyway, since it was raining quite a bit after the taping, and it would be pointless for me to leave them on while it's raining outside...ESPECIALLY since I didn't bring my umbrella. So after a couple slices of celebratory pizza, I got to my car, and when I tried to take my glasses out of my pocket....

...drop, snap, crack...AAAAAAAAAH! I was giving Ben a ride back to the apt. for the "production meeting/viewing party" and his reaction was, "Uh oh....."

Yeah, my glasses broke. =( The irony was that they didn't break during the taping, but they broke AFTER the taping! LOL, I thought that was kinda funny at the time, but then I realized....I had to drive in the rain! I borrowed Ben's glasses and kinda taped mine together after that. Of course, there was mads amounts of traffic, so I went 20mph most of the way. The drive there was no problem, and I had to take my laptop in my bag for "Dumb Luck." Anyway, I saw the shows from the previous couple weeks, and I thought I did well. The show I really wanted to see was the one from a couple weeks back where I thought I did a HORRIBLE job....

the show actually turned out very well on tape. There was one segment where I thought it didn't go as well....but the news scene turned out MUCH MUCH better than I thought, and that made me feel worlds better, kinda like a small monkey on my back. So, hurrah! We also got to see the show we just taped hours prior, and that turned out SO well, except that last throwdown didn't come out as well, and the kick was bleh...but overall, VERY WELL DONE! I was quite happy about that. However, I knew there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to be heading to the "WML?" stage show since it was already 7:30pm by the time we saw the last show, and I would have a little trouble trying to make my way through the night-time traffic....especially since my glasses broke. So, everyone stuck around and we discussed ideas for upcoming shows; looks like there's going to be a lot of upcoming parts for me in the episodes to come. Hurrah! I also talked to Bec about my little situation going on with "you-know-who," and she actually gave some excellent advice thatI hadn't thought about.

So after a lot of talking, it was almost 10pm, so I took off from there, got my free ice cream, thanks to Yahoo, and headed home when there was no traffic on the road. Fortunately, it wasn't raining as hard, AND I took side streets all the way home. I used Colorado Boulevard as my starting point, and then went through Pasadena, hit Route 66, and I was good from there. There were maybe 2....3 cars on the road? Yeah, I did get home quite late that night, and by the time I got home, I needed to think, "Well...what the hell am I gonna do NOW?" I had class in the morning, a huge headache, and I needed to study for a quiz that got moved to Thursday. ACK!

Fast forward after the weird dreams that were church-related, and I wake up early....not to study lines and study for the quiz...
I had to go see an eye doctor since I needed replacement glasses, but the three places we went, the doctors all had the day off.


Fortunately, we went to the Quick-Fix place, and I had to have my glasses soddered together. Even though the colouring of the frames is now slightly different, they are back together....although the frames are a bit now every time I put on the glasses for an extended period of time, I get dizzy, or I get a headache. So....I need new glasses..or contacts! You know, everyone at the show says I should really get contacts since you could totally read my facial reactions better, and I tend to talk a lot with my eyes and my face, really. So...I'm considering getting contacts, which would be awesome, I think. Anyway, I had very little time after my glasses were temporarily put back together, so I got ready quickly, then went off to school for Masque....and that is something I shan't speak of.
I didn't do badly, but not that great. I did adeqaute, yes, adequate. I was decent enough, but not spectacular enough, so that kinda hurt me a tad, but I had to brush it off and get ready for the quiz. Studied some for that. I also had to turn in my reflections and my observations from my classroom visits, which I did...and my quiz turned out to be a LOT easier than I anticipated, so hurrah for that. After that class, I was I went home via Mission Blvd. Getting home from school is very easy on side streets, since it's mainly one main street. Anyway, I rested up some, finally got back online, even if for a short time, and then ended up going to Mosaic since I was exhausted, and kinda sick, so I didn't see Maribel. Mosaic was great, though. I didn't want to use my glasses, especially since the church is just a straight shot up Euclid Ave. So I went to church, had good times, very good discussion. It was nice. Next week, we're going bowling as a club; I'm so excited! After that, I went home, went to bed early, and had an eye appointment. Methinks I shall be getting contacts soon. So, we shall see about that.

....and now we are here....35 minutes before I have to leave for my one class of the day, which I love. So, I shall get ready for that, and I will talk to you guys very soon. Have a great day, everyone!

Where the eyesight is 60/50, and the foresight is 20/20,
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Such a terrible disgrace... (a quick commentary)

First off, for those of you that don't have cable, here are the facts on what happened.

At the tail end of tonight's Pacers/Pistons game inside the Palace at Auburn Hills, Ron Artest (Pacers forward) drew a hard foul on the Pistons' big man, Ben Wallace, driving in for a layup. It was not even close to being a flagrant foul; however, but Wallace took offense to that, and shoved Artest right across the face and a melee broke out between both benches.

As Wallace was noticably upset and still very pissed off, [Ron] Artest was laying down on the scorer's table just trying to stay out of it that way he wouldn't get involved. Many of the players were still scuffling on the floor....

that is, until an unruly fan threw a beer in a plastic cup from the stands and hit Artest right on the face. Frustrated, Artest stood straight up and went right inside the stands to look for the fan....and eventually came up to him and tried to hit him right on the face.

After that, all hell broke loose within the stands, on the court, and around the benches... and the fans threw water, beer, and someone even threw a chair right into the middle of it all. It was quite a disgraceful scene that many of you will surely see later tonight on Sportscenter...or if you don't have cable, they will probably show it in the sports section of the broadcast.

My take: This was just ugly. A terrible brawl. One of the worst scenes ever at a basketball game. This is why before every game, the PA announcer has to make that notice before each game "not to go onto the courts, or to throw any objects, as they will be ejected".... **and subject to arrest** ....and reading my media guide for this year, not only are they subject to arrest, but they could get the maximum, worst penalties possible. (I should point out, I bit and got Clippers season tickets, because we're still on a mile-long waiting list for Lakers season tickets, and lower-level season tix were only $1012 each....for the lower level, right by all the pretty people...and as a ST holder, I decided to ask about an official guide)

Yea, the foul really wasn't that hard, and Ben Wallace's reaction was WAY too wrong. He overreacted, and he should get what he deserves. As for the fans, that was just disgraceful, pitiful! After one fan started throwing stuff and Artest went into the stands, then other people got involved. More players went into the stands, fans went onto the court....abysmal.

First thing you gotta do is find all the people who threw stuff, and have them arrested and deal with those penalties. My concern is what the NBA is going to do about suspensions and security. My say...

Artest only gets suspended 7 games....and Ben Wallace should be suspended.....for FIFTEEN games, at least. His reaction began this whole thing, and he kept it going throwing towels towards the Pacers' bench; he instigated this fracas, he should be punished HARSH.

As for other players, Stephen Jackson will get penalized hard, as will Jermaine O'Neal, and a couple other players for both teams.

The next time these two teams on Christmas Day at 12:30pm Eastern time!

Whoever thought that on Christmas Day, the matchup between Shaq & Kobe (Heat vs. Lakers) will be the undercard?!?

As for myself, I'm going to Staples early, and going to talk to some people (arena officials, if they're close by) around the arena to get their take on I'm going to tomorrow's Rockets/Clippers game at 12 noon. Let's see how other NBA games will go on now...

NBA & City of Detroit, send a message, you must go down hard on these guys for this terrible incident...a game should not be called like this. As for myself, you guys know I seek the truth in all things...I just hope I never have to see something as horrific like this in person. That is all.

-Jason D. Hernandez
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